Introducing the Fractional Growth Team

February 22, 2019

Seed and Series A founders say growth is a top priority, but hiring the wrong people is one of the most common and costly mistakes. We see this solved with part-time CFOs, HR, and legal, who avoid the step-function increase in cost, time, and risk of full-time hires. It’s time we bring that concept to marketing, which I’m doing as a Part-Time CMO.

Typical engagements help founders grow from as early as no marketing plan, to a fully proficient team built on experimentation and results. We’ll start with structured strategy sessions that map your company’s growth goals to potential distribution channels. From there, we’ll work together to define an experiment roadmap and resource plan.

In contrast to hiring full-time, work can start immediately (including world-class contractors available to fill gaps in your team!) then smoothly scale into the full-time team you envision. In contrast to agencies, incentives are aligned with an end-point in mind: you achieve your growth goals, hire the team you need, and raise your next round. Then, with a clear picture of what’s working, you can confidently hire a full-time CMO who’s perfect for your specific growth strategy – and who I help hire for a smooth transition.

More about me: I’m a serial entrepreneur who started his career at age 18 programming GPS satellites at Lockheed. I spent 15 years as CTO, CEO, and on engineering growth teams like Lolapps (50M+ MAU) and (millions in revenue), before falling in love with distribution as an underserved area of focus in startups.

If this sounds worth a chat, feel free to reach out directly on twitter or schedule a call here. If I’m not a fit, I’m happy to refer to my network as well.