Jonathan Howard. Startup advisor and fractional CMO based in San Francisco.

I help startups with growth, research & prototyping.

How I can help

After working as founder and full-stack engineer on growth teams in Silicon Valley, I fell in love with paying it forward. Now I work with executive teams to do three main things, depending on the stage of the product or idea:

Sound like someone you know? Steal this intro:

Hey Jordan,

Meet Jon, he's a technical founder and growth advisor. He works with exec teams to do three main things: validate and learn from customer research, design roadmaps to find product market fit, or plan actionable growth experiments to accelerate growth. I’ll let him fill you in on what his process looks like, but here's a short write-up. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation, as well.

Jon, meet Jordan (here’s their twitter, or site, etc). They’re looking to (goal or problem statement here)

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